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Heigh ho! Your friendly Meme Mod here with the Oh So Very Special and Official prompt post!

Well, hello there and welcome to the first ever Muppets kink meme! :D That's right, any and all muppet fic needs you might have can and may be fulfilled right here! Let's get started with a few rules first, shall we? 


1. This is a kink meme for all things muppet - that includes the Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, and even (gasp) Sesame Street, as well as any other films/movies where the puppetry of the Jim Henson Company played an integral role (such as Labryinth, for example; for a more complete list, check here ).

2. Anonymity is not required.

3. Your kink request must contain a character/pairing and a prompt. It doesn't matter what the prompt or the character is, it's just required that you have one.

4. Only one request per comment. But feel free to post as many comments as you like.

5. It's a kink meme -  sure, a Muppets kink meme, but  a kink meme all the same! Meaning guy/girl, guy/guy, girl/girl, muppet/human, etc pretty much anything goes!

6. No kink/pairing bashing. The only grouch allowed around these parts is Oscar. Please be respectful.

7. Please try to fill out prompts as well as posting your own.

8. Fill out as many prompts as you want. A prompt can be filled more than once, so don't let that stop you. The more the merrier as they say!

9. Prompts can be filled in forms other than fanfiction (art, video, etc.).

10. Yes, despite the show being a parody, this meme also allows AVENUE Q prompts!

In closing, this meme is brought to by the letters P and W, and the number 34.
Happy meme-ing, guys!!
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Rod/Nicky, Nicky tries to comfort Rod about his supposed sexuality. Things happen. *>* Sorry it's kinda vague, if you need more specifics just ask and I'll think of something.
huum I'm thinking aboout...

Cookie Monster/Priarie doing something about rainbows or...MAYO TIME..and I'm NOT talking about normal mayonesse B) get it? lol
Gonzo/Miss Piggy

The one time he actually managed to get her attention maybe? Anything will do, really - I just wanna see this~
I wanna see it too!

They go exploring... each other.
First off: This prompt is based more on the world of the Muppet Christmas Carol and the Muppet's Treasure Island

Pairing: Gonzo/Rizzo
Prompt: Heteroesxual Life Partners (tvtropes)
Specifics: Highschool AU.

Pretty please...? ^^;
Neither knew quite when they had met.

Hey wait a minute! I remember when we met! It was at a cheese convention, in Phili-

Rizzo! Shush! We’re not the narrators of this story!

We’re not?! But- We’re always the narrators of the movie!

Not this time we’re not. We’re the main characters.

Whoa, whoa, wait, what? Us two? You sure about that?

As sure as sure can be. Now come on Rizzo, we need to take our places.

As I was saying, they weren’t sure when they had met, but they knew it had been quite the innocent meeting. It had started, like most stories do, in a school yard-

Wait, a school yard?

Rizzo, didn’t you read the script? This is a highschool story, an alternate universe story like Muppet Babies.

Nooo, you simply grabbed me by the my tail and dragged me here! Fine, I’ll be quiet so stop looking at me like that!

…In a school yard in elementary school. Since our two protagonists are getting impatient, we’re going to skip ahead. To high school!

Gonzo hurtled down the hallways, scattering chicken feathers in his wake, yelling at the top of his lungs, “Kermit! Kermit!”

A rat sitting on top of a locker looked at him run past with uplifted eyebrows. He leaned out to yell, “Gonzo, Kermit’s in the Theater room!”

The blue muppet skidded to a halt, nearly knocking down passing Muppets. He stood there for a moment, regaining his breath before trotting back to Rizzo. “Really?”

“Yeah, he said that you were probably going to be late, so he was going to head on down the theater and get started on props.” Rizzo hopped down from the locker, landing on Gonzo’s shoulder. “Anyways, I was just wondering if you were going to come on over for dinner.”

“Hmm? Oh, no. I’m afraid I can’t. I promised Kermit that I’d practice for the play we’re going to put on. You sure you don’t want to join?”

“And be a pet rat? We’re friends Gonzo, but not that good of friends. Anyways, if not tomorrow then how about Friday? You can spend the night and make a day out of it.”

“Well… I don’t know…”

“Come on, Saturday we can go to the Rip and Roar Theme park. You always wanted to go there, didn’t you?” Rizzo invitingly held up two tickets. “Just me and you, the roller coasters, and the food.”

“Count me in!” Gonzo reverently plucked a ticket from the rat’s outstretched paw. He had been wanting to go there ever since he heard about how it had been condemned three times and closed twice. He never thought once though that Rizzo would actually agree to it.

“You’re the best Rizzo!”

“Yeah, well, we just haven’t seen each other a lot since you got a girlfriend, and I thought sure why not? You go on rides, I eat the food, we both go home happy.”

Gonzo instantly noticed the shift in Rizzo’s voice, but said nothing. He’d drag the rat on the wooden roller coaster Hurler no matter what! “Oh, noo you don’t. I recognize that look in your eyes- I am not getting onto a single roller coaster unless it’s kiddie size. I’ll fall out!”

“Oh come on Rizzo- it’s a wooden roller coaster with a loop in the middle- the first of its kind!”

“And I will be staying right here!”

The two friends bickered in the hallway, as the students headed home slowly thinned out, not noticing the small group that gathered around them. “Hey look, it’s the gay couple!”

Story Part 2


10 years ago

Re: Story Part 2


10 years ago

Re: Story Part 2


10 years ago

Deleted comment


February 27 2011, 04:07:45 UTC 10 years ago

Something with this:


May 31 2011, 18:16:53 UTC 10 years ago


Sweet, sweet fluff, plz!
Bunsen/Beaker, with something involving this video, please:

In which Bunsen has a thing for "dem wild, curly, burnt locks" ;D

Friendship or love - whichever the author chooses
Bonding over scams :D
Because of an awesome fic I read recently: Rowlf/Sirius Black. Both as dogs.

How did they meet?
I'm going to guess it's harry potter Sirius Black. But sure, I'll try my hand at it.

The Meeting of a Lifetime


10 years ago

The Meeting of a Lifetime


10 years ago

The Meeting of a Lifetime


10 years ago

The Meeting of a Lifetime


10 years ago

The Meeting of a Lifetime


10 years ago

The Meeting of a Lifetime


10 years ago

Remember the fight that Piggy had with the government agent when Gonzo was first taken out of the TV studio? With the martial arts and the flirting like crazy? And it ended in bondage? Let's explore that a bit, shall we? Maybe he comes back for her, off-the-clock, because he can't get her out of his mind, or maybe things just get NC-17 right there on the studio floor.
A+ Prompt right here! Seconding this all the way~
We all know the fellow is romantically attracted to poultry, and no hen is prettier than the lovely Camilla.

Poster prefers sweet to smut, especially since we may not WANT to know what's on Gonzo's anatomy.
Remember his line in the Muppet Movie about wanting to go to Bombay, India and become a movie star? Good for a laugh in 1979, but prophetic today!

So, say Gonzo the Great eventually did go to India and became the singing, dancing sensation to take Bollywood and all its hen-houses by storm.

So, let's see what a Bollywood Gonzo picture would look like!
Robin (Kermit's Nephew) is feeling kind of low, because with Kermit and Miss Piggy's newly patched up relationship, Uncle Kermit doesn't have much time for him. And lately Miss Piggy is avoiding Robin as well...

Meanwhile, Miss Piggy and Kermit are figuring out how best to ask Robin if he wants to be adopted by them :D
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