Heigh ho! Your friendly Meme Mod here with the Oh So Very Special and Official prompt post!

Well, hello there and welcome to the first ever Muppets kink meme! :D That's right, any and all muppet fic needs you might have can and may be fulfilled right here! Let's get started with a few rules first, shall we? 


1. This is a kink meme for all things muppet - that includes the Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, and even (gasp) Sesame Street, as well as any other films/movies where the puppetry of the Jim Henson Company played an integral role (such as Labryinth, for example; for a more complete list, check here ).

2. Anonymity is not required.

3. Your kink request must contain a character/pairing and a prompt. It doesn't matter what the prompt or the character is, it's just required that you have one.

4. Only one request per comment. But feel free to post as many comments as you like.

5. It's a kink meme -  sure, a Muppets kink meme, but  a kink meme all the same! Meaning guy/girl, guy/guy, girl/girl, muppet/human, etc pretty much anything goes!

6. No kink/pairing bashing. The only grouch allowed around these parts is Oscar. Please be respectful.

7. Please try to fill out prompts as well as posting your own.

8. Fill out as many prompts as you want. A prompt can be filled more than once, so don't let that stop you. The more the merrier as they say!

9. Prompts can be filled in forms other than fanfiction (art, video, etc.).

10. Yes, despite the show being a parody, this meme also allows AVENUE Q prompts!

In closing, this meme is brought to by the letters P and W, and the number 34.
Happy meme-ing, guys!!